What are the Career option after 12th Arts?


What are the Career option after 12th Arts? The 12th grade is an important year in a student’s academic career since it serves as a stepping stone to options for higher education and careers. After high school, choosing a career path can be difficult, particularly for students who have chosen to major in the arts. The job opportunities for arts students have greatly risen as a result of the growing demand for creative and artistic talents across a variety of industries. We will examine the numerous career alternatives, professional trajectories, incomes, and job prospects for arts students in 2023 when they graduate from high school in this blog.

Students who complete their higher education in the arts can also get ready for chartered accountant, bank, and civil services exams. However, it’s crucial to pick the correct subject because if one doesn’t, they cannot end up getting the best-paying professions. After high school, there are several options for courses to choose from, including linguistics, political science, law, mass communication, economics, geology, psychology, history, Hindi, and English.

There are many alternatives available to students, but it’s crucial to pick the correct subject and course for you. The finest career opportunities for those who completed their 12th grade in the arts in 2023 are listed below.

Top career choices after 12th grade arts

After graduating from the arts stream in the 12th grade, students have access to a wide range of employment opportunities. Once they have completed their 12th grade in the arts stream, students may think about enrolling in a BFA programme. They can even choose to pursue studies in sociology, law, the media, education, hospitality, and event management. We have developed a list of some of the greatest profession alternatives after 12th arts to give you organised instructions on art career options.

The following are some of the top profession choices after 12th grade arts students in India :

  1. Bachelor in Fashion Designing
  2. Bachelor of Hotel Management
  3. Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)
  4. Bachelors of Arts
  5. Bachelors of Business Administration
  6. Bachelors of fine arts (B.F.A)
  7. Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication
  8. Bsc in Design
  9. Diploma in Education
  10. Economics
  11. English
  12. Event Management
  13. Integrated Law Course (B.A + L.L.B)
  14. Political Science
  15. Sociology
Degree Salary Career options
BA in Economics Average Salary range from ₹1,80,000 to ₹14,00,000 Economist
Financial Risk Analyst
Data analyst
BA in English The Average Salary for BA English is – ₹4,13,822 Professor
Content Writer
BA in Political Science Average Salary for Sociology – ₹6,10,419 Business executive
Political scientist
Political consultant
BA in Sociology Average Salary for Sociology – ₹4,00,000 Social Worker
Rehabilitation Counsellor
Family Counsellors
Bachelor in Fashion Designing Bachelors of Design average salary – ₹5,93,218 Fashion Designer
Design Manager
Fashion Stylist
Bachelor of Hotel Management Hotel Management Average Salary – ₹1,370,000 Hotel Manager
Accommodation Manager
Meeting & Event Planner
Bachelors of Arts BA average Salary range is – ₹4,33,106 Content writer
Executive Assistant
Human Resource Manager (HR)
Bachelors of Business Administration The Average Salary for BFA is – ₹4,42,251 Financial Analyst
Marketing Managers
Human Resources Managers (HR)
Sales and Marketing executives
Bachelors of fine arts (B.F.A) The Average Salary for BFA is – 5,30,422 Teacher/ Professors
Professional Dancer/ Singers
Art Directors
Creative Writers
Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication The Average Salary for a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is – ₹4, 26,474 Content writer
Marketing Executive
Event Management The average salary for event management is – ₹6,25,000 Event Planner
Event Manager
Wedding Planner
Integrated Law Course (B.A + L.L.B) BA + LLB Average salary range from ₹5,00,000- ₹8,00,000 Company Secretary
Legal Advisor
Litigation Lawyer


Bachelor in the Arts

This programme lasts three years and is full-time. It is a social science, humanities, and liberal arts undergraduate course. Available in a variety of specialisations, including environmental science as a major and certain elective course in history, geology, archaeology, literature, journalism, mass communication, and other fields. One of the most popular degrees for students studying the arts is the BA.  This is quite flexible and has a wide range of cultural knowledge, critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills.  After earning a Bachelor’s degree in the arts, students can choose among career openings in the government, banking, journalism, entertainment, tourist, and aviation industries.

Work possibilities

  • Executive Assistant
  • Content Writer
  • Human Resource Manager (HR)

Well-known Companies Hiring for Bachelors in Arts with computer degree

  • Accenture
  • HDFC
  • HCL Technologies
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Concentrix Corporation

B.F.A., or Bachelor of fine Arts

BFA is a good alternative if you’re unsure of your options for a job after finishing your 12th-grade arts course. Studying the arts is one of the most well-liked professional paths after the 12th grade. For students interested in fine arts, such as painting, singing, dance, theatre, music, filmmaking, pottery and ceramics, content writing, architectural drawings, textile design, animations, etc., a bachelor’s degree in the fine arts is the greatest career choice. This is a three-year degree programme that is comparable to the Bachelor of Arts. You must possess exceptional creative, artistic, visualisation, or presentation skills to pursue a career in BFA. For art students, fine arts are now considered elite and associated with more varied job opportunities.

Jobs available to BFA students include:

  • Animators
  • Art Directors
  • Creative Directors
  • Creative Writers
  • Graphics Designer
  • Professional Dancer/ Singers
  • Senior Graphics designer
  • Teacher/ Professors
  • Theatre actors

Business administration bachelor’s degree

If you’re unsure of what to study after high school, consider BBA. Studying the arts is one of the most well-liked professional paths after the 12th grade. One of the best courses to take after the 12th grade is this one. The best part about this course is that anyone with a background in science, business, or the arts can enrol in it. This is one of your greatest career alternatives if you are interested in or want to pursue a career in business, sales, or marketing. HR management, marketing, and sales, as well as finances, are a few well-known and well-liked specialisations. BBA candidates have the option of enrolling in full-time, executive, or online courses. You can work towards this degree while still an associate.

Students who choose to pursue a BBA degree should be proficient in management, communication, and problem-solving techniques. High-profile positions may result from this. If, after earning a BBA, you decide to pursue an MBA (Master in Business Administration). Your skill level and profile will increase, making you indispensable. You’ll get the best, highest-paying employment available.

Work possibilities

  • Financial Analyst
  • HR executives
  • Human Resources Managers (HR)
  • Marketing Managers
  • R&D executives.
  • Sales and Marketing executives

Course in Integrated Law (B.A. + L.L.B.)

This may be your best job choice after the 12th grade if you plan to pursue a career in law. Bachelor of arts and law integration, as the name suggests. The 5 years of instruction are for this integration. The ability to earn two degrees in one curriculum is the main benefit of taking this course.

The course material is structured such that students would learn about the Bachelor of Arts and LLB programme. Law-related courses you’ll take include criminal law, corporate law, evidentiary law, environmental law, and civil process code (CPC). It is preferable to select an integrated programme for 5 years since you need a bachelor’s degree to pursue an LLB.

(B.A. + L.L.B.) Career Options

  • Company Secretary
  • Legal Advisor
  • Litigation Lawyer

Journalism and mass communication degrees

Are you still considering your options for what would be the ideal career path when you graduate from high school?

The three-year bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication is an undergraduate degree. There are 6 semesters in this full-time programme. The course covers a wide range of topics, such as event management, social media, cinema studies, television, advertisements, and television productions. The goal of the course is for students to become knowledgeable about journalism and mass communication’s aspects and applications. This programme seeks to produce data-driven, outstanding communicators who are socially conscious media professionals.

The typical salary for journalism and mass communication graduates is $4,26,474.

Career options after (Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication)

  • Content writer
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Executive

Fashion design bachelor’s degree

One of the top employment options after the 12th grade is a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. This graduate programme, which lasts 3 to 4 years, is intended for students who want to work in the fashion sector. This keeps up with the current fashion and teaches people how to design clothing, jewellery, shoes, and other accessories.

Students with an innovative mindset and industry-specific abilities, such as visual sensibility, global vision, sense of colour palettes, sewing, and many more, are most suited for this degree.

They can pursue careers as a fashion consultant, textile designer, merchandiser, coordinator of garment samples, etc.

After receiving a degree in fashion design, possible careers

  • Design Manager
  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Stylist

Hotel management bachelor’s degree

The ideal professional path following high school is a bachelor’s degree in hotel management. A 3–4-year degree programme called the Bachelor of Hotel Management instructs students in the hotel industry. Tourism, event planning, and the food and beverage sector are some of the topics covered in this course. Students receive training in customer service, interpersonal relations, negotiating, and communication skills throughout the course. After the 12th grade, this is one of the most popular courses.

Following a BHM, you have the following career options:

  • Accommodation Manager
  • Area Retail Manager
  • Catering officer
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Food and Service Manager
  • General Manager Hotel
  • Hotel Manager
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Meeting & Event Planner
  • Sales Manager

Event Planning

If you haven’t chosen which of the aforementioned courses to take, do so now. One of the greatest options after the 12th is event management, so you might want to consider pursuing it. Whether it’s music, television, politics, or sports, events have taken on a significant role in our lives. This course lasts three years at full time. You can become a successful event manager by pursuing a profession in management. This will assist you in developing your event planning, project management, reporting, and marketing skills. There is a great need for event managers in the modern era.

job openings include:

  • Event Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Exhibition Organiser
  • Stage decorator
  • Wedding Planner


If you’re unsure about what to study in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the arts following high school. A bachelor’s degree in sociology can be one of the greatest employment choices for you after high school if you are interested in researching society and town planning. You will have a better understanding of society with this course. Different societal issues and solutions. This course lasts three years.

job openings include:

  • Family Counsellors
  • Journalist
  • Political analyst
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • Social Worker
  • Survey Research

Political Science

If you’re unsure about what to study in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the arts following high school. The optimal job path for you after high school may involve earning a bachelor’s degree in political science if you are interested in studying politics and administration. This programme lasts three years. You can learn about the political system and constitution of various countries, as well as the political system and constitution of India, in this course. After earning your bachelor’s degree, you can sit for the UPSC civil services test or enrol in this programme if you want to become an IAS officer.

job openings include:

  • Business executive
  • Government official
  • Lobbyist
  • Political consultant
  • Political scientist
  • Professors


If you’re unsure about what to study in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the arts following high school. if you’re interested in learning about statistical theory and analytics. One of your top post-high school employment alternatives might be a bachelor’s degree in economics. This programme lasts three years. After receiving their bachelor’s degree, students can pursue MBA degrees. You learn about the economics with this course. For students obtaining bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree in economics is a wise choice if they want to work as professors. You can use this training to get hired for the highest-paying jobs in India.

job openings include:

  • Accountant
  • Data analyst
  • Economist
  • Financial Consultant
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Investment analyst


If you’re unsure about what to study in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the arts following high school. if literature piques your curiosity. One of your finest post-high school employment alternatives might be a bachelor’s in English. This programme lasts three years. You learn about a variety of writers, poets, and dramatists in this course. Students who pursue this degree could work as English newsreaders or content writers, among many other professions.

job openings include:

  • Content Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Feature Writer
  • Journalist
  • Professor
  • Public servants
  • Script Writer

Diploma in Education

For candidates interested in pursuing a career in teaching, a diploma in education serves as a certificate course for the teacher training programme. A certain skill set is required for the position of a nursery school teacher. Candidates who earned 50–60% in their 12th grade can enrol in this course. The course lasts between one and three years. The course can be taken online or in a regular classroom setting.

B.sc in Design

Many different colleges and universities offer a Bachelor of Science in Design degree. Students who successfully complete the degree programme often have the skills and knowledge needed to start a career in design after four years. A BSc in Design often leads to employment in the fields of graphic design, web design, interior design, or other design-related fields.

Job Opportunities:

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Merchandise
  • Product Design
  • Jewellery Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Visual Merchandise
  • Fashion Consultancy
  • Industrial Design

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

The four-year Bachelor of Mass Media programme emphasises training students for professions in the media and communication fields. Journalism, advertising, public relations, and media studies are all covered in the curriculum.

Job Opportunities:

  • Radio Jockeying
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Event Management
  • Digital Communications
  • Business Consultant
  • Filmmaking

Career Options After the 12th Grade in the Arts in 2023

Salary for Options in the Arts after the 12th Grade in 2023: Graduates in the arts can earn more or less money based on their chosen vocation and level of expertise.

Jobs for After 12th Arts Career Options in 2023

Career Options following the 12th-grade arts in 2023: After graduating from high school, graduates in the arts have a variety of employment options. Graduates in journalism and mass communication can find employment at news organisations, TV and radio networks, public relations organisations, and advertising agencies. Advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, and web development businesses all employ graphic designers. Fashion designers can find employment with fashion houses, retailers, and clothing manufacturers. Fine painters can work in art studios, galleries, and museums. Graduates in advertising and marketing can find employment in media companies, market research firms, and advertising agencies.


This concludes the blog post about job alternatives after 12th-grade arts. We hope the blog was informative and helped you understand the range of choices you have. You can conduct more research based on your interests, eligibility, and income trends before enrolling in the arts stream. Happy New Year 2023! Take professional study abroad courses created and delivered by our specialists at Great Learning to explore more courses and opportunities for career improvement outside .

FAQs on career after class12

Following graduation with an arts degree, what professions are in demand?

Post-arts degree, careers that are in high demand include graphic designers, video editors, interior designers, creative directors, journalists, media managers, event managers, and public relations.

Does studying BA make a difference in my ability to pass the UPSC exam?

If you wish to take the UPSC exam, it’s crucial to study BA courses like political science, history, geography, philosophy, and public administration. If you plan to take the exam, these subjects are advantageous and are therefore advised.

What types of careers are available to those who choose the arts stream?

You have many employment alternatives if you choose the arts route. Graphic design, journalism, fashion design, law, hotel management, event planning, interior design, food photography, cinematography, etc. are a few of the professional opportunities.

How can I find work in the creative arts?

You must first enrol in courses leading to a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) or a diploma in fine arts at the undergraduate level if you want to work in the arts. Once you have the necessary abilities, you can choose from a variety of careers, including applied arts, drama and theatre, music, dance, photography, and filmmaking. It’s a fantastic approach to launch a career in fine arts.

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