Online IELTS coaching 2023

Let us understand the Online IELTS coaching 2023. 

How can I determine my level?

When you sign into your account for the first time, you will be prompted to choose your English proficiency level.

Before enrolling in the online sessions, you can complete our free level exam to determine your present English proficiency. To access our level test, subscribe to our newsletter.

You have complete flexibility with English Online, so you can choose how you advance and when you’re ready to go on. By contacting our Customer Support staff, you can request to alter your level, and they will update your account.  In a private lesson, you can also ask for feedback on your level and make a decision based on the teacher’s suggested level.

Our programme is offered at the following CEFR levels: Level A1 for Elementary, Level A2 for Pre-Intermediate, Level B1 for Intermediate, Level B2 for Upper-Intermediate, and Level C1 for Advanced.

What time do online IELTS classes start?

Students who use English Online can design their own schedule based on their preferences.

You can choose to study what you want, when you want because live online seminars are offered throughout the day, every day. You will be prompted to choose your time zone and desired time format (12-hour clock or 24-hour clock) when you first log in. According to the local time that you’ve chosen, all of the class times will be displayed.

You can create a free English Online explorer account to check the available class hours, themes, and teachers and choose whether our course is the best option for you: Create your free account now to get going.

How can I monitor my progress in IELTS?

Our classes are divided into distinct themes based on their subjects. Six lessons make up one subject, and they include anything from business-related themes to social and cultural ones. While finishing a theme is not required, doing so will let you access a 2-part assessment.

We strongly advise that you finish this assessment at the conclusion of each theme so that you can keep track of your progress.

ILETS evaluation is divided into two parts:

Theme challenge: You have 30 minutes to finish 2 vocabulary and/or grammatical exercises and 2 text-based tasks (reading and/or listening). Please take note that the moment you select “Start the challenge,” your quiz will begin! After one attempt, your score will be saved, and you cannot try again.

25-minute private speaking exam (2 credits). Once you have finished the theme challenge, you will be able to schedule this test.

You will be rewarded for your effort with a digital badge and a feedback report from your teacher within 24 hours of the speaking test.

How long will IELTS course last?

To complete your IELTS course requirements, you are welcome to study with us for as many months as you like. You may design your own individualised study plan at every level and pace your studies in a way that is comfortable and effective for you with a flexible class schedule and a large range of sessions to pick from!

How much time does it take to finish a level?

You can learn with us as long as you feel comfortable and advance at your own pace with our subscription-based English Online course, which has no defined course length.

Each level has between 54 and 84 online IE:LTS courses; however, you are not required to complete all of them before moving on to the next level. You will choose

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