Legal Protection For International Students – Australian University

Australia is renowned for providing top-tier education and a hospitable environment for international students. The country boasts some of the world’s finest universities, consistently ranking among the top 50 globally across various study disciplines in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023. These disciplines encompass Engineering and Technologies, Life Sciences and Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Management.

Notably, Australian university qualifications hold significant value and recognition among employers both within Australia and around the world. Graduates from Australian universities are highly sought after due to their training in current, industry-relevant, and world-class educational standards.

Australia has implemented a comprehensive set of laws and regulations aimed at safeguarding the rights of international students. In collaboration with education providers, the Australian Government is committed to ensuring an exceptional student experience for these individuals. These protective measures are enshrined in the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act), which serves as a legal framework to uphold the rights of international students.

The admission process for universities in Australia entails varying academic entry requirements, contingent upon the specific course and college. Prospective students are advised to thoroughly review the course entry prerequisites provided on each university’s website and, if necessary, directly contact the institution for clarification.

In instances where students do not meet the standard eligibility criteria for university admission in Australia, there exists an alternative route known as the ‘Study Pathways Offer,‘ offering an alternative path to gaining entry into Australian universities.

Pathway programs encompass a range of options, including English language courses (ELICOS), vocational education and training (VET), and Foundation Studies. These programs serve to assist students in fulfilling the course entry criteria. Additionally, some pathway programs may offer students academic credits toward their chosen course, potentially allowing them to graduate within the same timeframe.

Australia offers various pathways to educational attainment, including:

  1. Foundation Studies: This program equips students for entry into an undergraduate course at a university or another higher education provider. It typically comprises mandatory subjects that all students must complete, along with elective subjects within a specific subject ‘stream.’ Foundation Studies programs are offered by universities, schools, vocational education and training (VET) providers, and specialized colleges.
  2. Years 11 and 12 (senior secondary school): Completing Australian years 11 and 12 (senior secondary school) results in the attainment of an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score upon completion of schooling and examinations. These scores facilitate direct entry into many higher education courses.
  3. TAFE or Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses: Certificate or Diploma courses in TAFE or VET institutions provide a pathway to higher education degrees. These courses are designed to impart specific knowledge in the chosen field of study, often serving as a bridge to entry into higher education programs.
  4. English Language Courses (ELICOS): Intensive English courses (ELICOS) aid students in enhancing their English language skills to meet the requirements for VET or higher education courses. ELICOS programs cater to general English, professional English, or academic English proficiency.
  5. Bridging Courses: Bridging courses are typically intended for overseas-trained professionals looking to refresh their knowledge to meet course entry prerequisites. They may also be suitable for students who have completed year 12 education outside of Australia and need to refresh their knowledge or study specific subjects in preparation for future courses.