Is hotel management a good career after class 12 results?

Is hotel management a good career after class 12 results is the question in Indian high school students, then read on this article for guidance in career after class 12. Just image that when we reserve a hotel or resort for a holiday, we anticipate a fantastic view, an opulent stay, a pool in the hotel, a spacious room with plush mattresses, delectable food, and first-rate services. The hotel’s management team tries to make our stay pleasant and memorable. Travel and tourism management, particularly the hotel business, has multiplied due to globalization and the emergence of new technology, offering various high-paying job opportunities. As a result, Indian students with class 12 results are choosing hotel management as their career. Class 12 students have energy and spontaneity which are the necessary abilities to thrive in the hotel management industry. Therefore, while seeking guidance in career after class 12, the best option for any higher secondary student not scored good marks need not worry at all. We are enrolling in Indian class 12 students in the hotel management course abroad. So why study abroad? This is the right time to begin an international career after class 12, for the ambitious class 12 students who have not opted for medical or engineering or Bcom or Bsc courses in Indian universities. following intermediate because there are so many opportunities for them in the domestic and foreign markets. Indian students after 12 results seeking to do diploma in hotel management can opt for a foreign degree in hotel management with foreign company internship or industry training. All Indian students can expect decent pay and promising career prospects in India and abroad.

The demand for hotel management specialists is growing as the hotel business is improving as more people are travelling due to rise in income, while business trips are increasing too. Professionals working in the hotel business are in high order in terms of skills, and this demand is only anticipated to grow. This need is expected to rise as India’s tourism industry grows, offering students a better opportunity to find employment in reputable businesses. India is a popular tourist destination in Asia and similarly the outbound tours are also in demand. Therefore, Indian class12 students now have more information and advantages than ever before when choosing a career in hotel administration after class 12.

After earning a degree in hotel management, in abroad, the Indian student can apply for either HongKong, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam numerous fascinating work prospects exist in industries including finance and food manufacturing. After completing a course in hotel administration from abroad, employment options are virtually limitless in India as well as abroad. There is multiple more Hotel Management positions available to recent hotel management graduates in addition to restaurants and hotels, some of which include

  • Airlines
  • Catering management
  • Club management
  • Cruise management
  • Hospital administration
  • Hospitality in MNC
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Self-employment, etc.

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