Indian Engineers to Obtain PR Visa in Australia through MBE Degree in 2023-24


If you hold Indian Engineering degree working in a company or have passed out last year looking for international engineering career opportunities, read on this artile. Indian Engineers to Obtain PR Visa in Australia through MBE Degree in 2023-24. Yes you heard that right. Australia has long been a favoured destination for Indian Engineers as it has rich mining, IT industry. Australia is seeking to establish themselves in a Industrial development, towards prosperous and culturally diverse environment. The year 2023-24 promises exciting opportunities for Indian engineers as they can pursue a Masters in Business Engineering (MBE) degree in Australia. This is subsequently paving the way for permanent residency (PR) through a streamlined process. In this article, we will explore this promising development for Indian engineer career opportunities in Australia, and how the MBE degree can be a gateway to PR (permanent residency) in Australia.

The MBE Degree – A Path to Permanent Residency:

The MBE degree, a fusion of engineering and business management, is gaining traction worldwide for its unique blend of technical expertise and managerial skills. In Australia, this degree has gained recognition as a valuable qualification that aligns well with the country’s need for skilled professionals in various industries.

Key Features of the MBE Degree:

  • Technical Proficiency: The MBE degree equips engineers with advanced technical knowledge, ensuring they remain competitive in their respective fields.
  • Business Acumen: Graduates also gain a strong understanding of business principles, making them well-rounded professionals capable of contributing to strategic decision-making.
  • Industry-Relevant: The curriculum is designed to meet the demands of industries where engineering and business intersect, such as project management, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Employability: MBE graduates are highly sought after in the Australian job market due to their unique skill set and adaptability.

Pathway to PR for MBE Graduates:

The Australian government has recognized the value of MBE graduates and has streamlined the immigration process to attract such skilled professionals.

  • Skilled Visa Options: MBE graduates can explore various skilled visa options, including the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) and the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), both of which can lead to PR.
  • Skills Assessment: To be eligible for skilled migration, candidates must undergo a skills assessment by the relevant authority, such as Engineers Australia. This ensures that their qualifications meet Australian standards.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI): Candidates need to submit an Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect system, indicating their intent to migrate and work in Australia.
  • Invitation to Apply (ITA): Upon receiving an Invitation to Apply, candidates can proceed with the visa application, taking into account the points-based system, which factors in age, qualifications, work experience, and English language proficiency.
  • English Language Proficiency: Demonstrating proficiency in English through tests like IELTS, PTE Academic, or TOEFL is a crucial requirement (6.5-7 band).

Benefits of Permanent Residency:

Obtaining PR status in Australia offers numerous advantages for Indian engineers pursuing an MBE degree:

  • Work Opportunities: PR holders have unrestricted work rights, providing access to a wide range of job opportunities across industries.
  • Access to Services: They can access healthcare and education services on par with Australian citizens.
  • Social Security: PR holders are eligible for social security benefits, ensuring financial security.
  • Path to Australian Citizenship: PR status is a stepping stone to Australian citizenship, attainable after meeting residency requirements.


The prospect of Indian engineers obtaining PR visas in Australia through an MBE degree in 2023-24 is indeed promising. This development underscores Australia’s commitment to attracting skilled professionals who can contribute to its thriving economy and innovation-driven industries. Indian engineers should seize this opportunity to enhance their skills, expand their horizons, and build a secure future in one of the world’s most vibrant and welcoming countries. With the MBE degree as a bridge, the journey to permanent residency in Australia becomes both attainable and rewarding.


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