How to get admission in foreign university after 12th results?

This question of How to get admission in foreign university after 12th  results? is described below for the application process for foreign institution after your 12th-grade year.

Choose the country where you wish to study.
Ensure that your passport is up to date.
Choose the university and programme that you wish to enrol in.
Visit the university website for the requirements for admission.
You must ace all required exams.
Spend money on the application.
Send in all required documentation before the application deadline.
Apply for any scholarships that are offered.
Start planning for funding and submitting a student visa application as soon as it is verified.

There are numerous exams for studying abroad in India after the 12th grade. They’re not an easy task, but with a structured learning approach, anybody can pass the exams. Lately many students from India are finding it enticing to attend college or university abroad after completing 12th grade.

SAT, ACT, IELTS, and TOEFL are just a few examples of standardised testing and language competency evaluations. To be eligible for scholarships and overseas degrees, you must pass these exams.

SAT – A test for undergraduate admission to universities is called the Scholastic Assessment Test, or SAT. This test is given annually by the College Board. Students who want to enrol in prestigious institutions or universities overseas might benefit from the SAT. The SAT is accepted by all top colleges in the US. The test evaluates pupils’ writing, arithmetic, and reading abilities.
ACT – SAT is similar to the American College Testing, or ACT. The ACT is accepted by almost all prestigious universities in the United States. The ACT scorecard is good for five years. The ACT test includes important sections in English, Reading, Science, Mathematics, and Writing.
IELTS – IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, is a language proficiency examination. International students who want to pursue a degree abroad must have strong English language skills.

However there is also another way without exam you can attend college or university abroad after completing 12th grade from India. So we can modify your question now, How to get admission in foreign university after 12th results without appearing for test prep examinations. EDUHELPCENTRAL however do offer online IELTS coaching and online TOEFL coaching for Indian student. But incase you want to study management degree without above list of test prep examination then connect with our study abroad consultants after your class 12 results. We guarantee admission in management degree for class 12 students abroad, passed out from any Indian board (CBSE board class 12 pass out, ISC board class 12 pass out, state board class 12 pass out).

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