FIVE reasons why you should have a personal brand website?

Are you yet to be convinced of the need to build a personal brand website? Here are FIVE reasons why you should have a personal brand website, in order to stay ahead of competition through career branding.

  1. Your personal website will enable others to find information about you more easily

A one pager personal brand website ( supercedes your resume, with all the vital information about yourself, your education, work, hobbies is a brand statement. You are easily searchable with your name. It tells the world what you are and what people need to know about you. Website scores over your online presence in the social media accounts that is more personal, while personal website is a formal statement of your ownership of website domain talking about specifics, your achievements.

  1. Personal brand websites give you control of your image

It can be difficult to control your personal image on social media sites. Facebook is too family and friend centric, with posts that are too non-professional. Certain social media networking sites like Pinterest is only photo, or Twitter due to their restricted posting text based options (tweets are just too short!) Remember there are thousands of candidates like you. You’re competing with millions of users for attention and social media is not a choice. With a personal website, you can SEO your personal website along with the personal branding expertise to project the personal attributes in almost any way you see fit.

  1. You can post your site URL all over social media

As already mentioned, social media certainly has a limited place in building a personal brand especially if you are into arts, performing arts, culture, music. Therefore for a normal professional like MBA for example, you require website to couple with social media sites like LinkedIn to boost your image socially. This is repositioning of you, what you are, influencing people what they perceive. Once your personal website is functional, you can start posting everyday blog. This is a strategy to project your identity in the personal website. Share this personal website blog URL into  your social media. This makes your work viral and a differentiator factor to attract online traffic. This joint strategy also creates additional impact about your new digital identity, alters and repositions  your personal branding online.

  1. You own the content on your personal website

Social media sites have the power to take down user content, with one negative comment or hate speech. Therefore, your personal reputation is at risk. It means that you can’t completely control who sees your content and when in social media. The personal website with the content does not have threats like these that tarnishes your online reputation. Stay in complete control of your branding materials by launching personal website.

  1. Potential clients are more likely to trust someone with a website

As the number of freelancers and flexible workers increases around the world, personal website for online identity is therefore, is the need of the hour. It creates a distinctness of your personal branding level to a higher level, amidst the intense competition. The earlier you think and book it is good for your online presence as domain names may not be available for common names. Consequently, personal brand sites have become a quick and easy way for people to assess the legitimacy and competency of freelancers. If you’re looking to position yourself as an expert in your field in any country, personal website is a must.  Invest your time and effort in building personal website, when you are a student in any university. If you book your name forever, you can design a personal website free, then be prepared to stay ahead of competition of your batchmates.

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