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In order to begin an international career after class 12 here are FAQs frequently asked questions on Hotel management.

How do you qualify for a profession in hotel management?

The minimum requirement for pursuing a career in hotel management is a 10+2 diploma from an accredited educational board. Candidates from General category must be 25 years of age or older to pursue bachelor’s degrees in hotel management; candidates from SC/ST/OBC categories must be 28 years of age or older. To learn more about the application procedure to study in Canada, see our blog post about eligibility for hotel management in Canada.

How long does it take to study hotel management?

Three options exist for pursuing a career in hotel management: a diploma, a certificate, and a degree. The degree programme lasts three years. The certificate programme can be completed in as little as six months, while the diploma programme takes two years.

Are there any scholarships available for students wishing to work in the hotel industry?

Scholarships are offered by some colleges and organisations to deserving applicants. For candidates to qualify for a scholarship, their graduation grade point average must be 75% or higher. Candidates must provide documentation of their family’s income, which cannot exceed Rs. 2 lakhs annually.

Which possibilities are there for higher education in hotel management?

After earning a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, students might investigate the possibilities of an MBA in hotel management, tourism, and hospitality.

What is the entry-level pay for hotel management?

Candidates with degrees in hotel management can expect to make a range of wages depending on a number of variables. Fresh graduates’ starting salaries typically range from 28 000 to 40 000 USD annually.

Is a job in hotel management a worthwhile one?

Yes, choosing a career in hotel management will undoubtedly prove to be among your best choices. The training offers students a range of employment choices, from desk jobs to dealing with customers.

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